Will Writing

Service and fee guide

As Professional Will writers we understand the importance of getting wills just right. These are, after all, the instructions to your executors of what you would like to happen to all of your personal assets after your death. This is not something to be taken lightly.

It is often a case of making sure that the wrong people don’t get their hands on your wealth it as much as making sure the right people do! As an example, a marriage will revoke (another word for nullify) all previous wills. What if that marriage was a second marriage? What happens to the children from the first marriage? If care is not taken, bequests that you thought were valid in your will… are not at all. 

We charge £295 for every will and £395 for a mirrored will. That price reflects the care and attention we put into that process. We do not see any will as just a straightforward off the peg operation. Our professional standards mean that the process is detailed and requires a face to face meeting to explore all of the eventualities that life may throw at you. You will be sent a draft of the will to consider before the final signing.