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You have come across this website because you are either

  • the Executor of a recently deceased relative’s Estate or
  • you are looking for some assistance with a will.

Within this website we have set out what it is that we can do to help and the  services we offer, but if you want more details about what the Probate process involves and why making a Will is important, may I suggest I send you a free copy of my book ‘Where there’s a Will.

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Writing a will, or being an executor of someone else’s will, does not require legal training... but they are, however, legally complex tasks.
Robert Stell

Authorised and regulated as a CILEX-ACCA Probate Entity.
Authorisation number 3001284

Request your free copy.

I have written a book called ‘Where There’s a Will, There’s a Relative’ which is aimed at Executors. Having been appointed an Executor, you are probably wondering what it all means!  In this book, I explain all the terminology and all the difficulties you will have to deal with in this honourable, but onerous, task!  

To obtain a free copy of this book, please complete the form below which will arrive in my in-box and I will despatch a copy to you forthwith.

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